NEW         2016- Bandit Leagues ($35 per week) Starting April 17th!

The league will run for 10 weeks.

Each league race will be on a Sunday, starting at either 11 A.M. or 12 P.M.

Drivers will accumulate points over the 10 week period based on how they finish in the A-Main and Non-Qualifiers Race.

All drivers will be allowed a drop week. This means that when the league is over, their lowest number of points in one race will be dropped.

There is a possibility that the races could be moved to the Monday after Sunday if the Sunday race happens to be cancelled.

Maximum of 50 drivers a week.

1st- 150
2nd- 140
3rd- 130
4th- 125
5th- 120
6th- 110
7th- 105
8th- 100
9th- 95
10th- 90
DNQ- 70

*Weekly Format*

Draw: Drivers will draw a number when they pay their entry fee

Heat Races: They will line up in their heat races based on the number that they draw. The heats will be 20 laps. Each driver will have two heats, with an inversion of the drivers. If there are 4(or less) heats, the top 2 will transfer from each. If there are 5 (or more) heats, only the winner will transfer.

Consolation Races: Any driver that did not transfer through the heats will be sent to a consolation race. They will be lined up based on heat race finishes. The number of consolation races will be determined on race day. No more than 8 cars per race. All consolation events will be 15 laps in length.

A-Main: All of the drivers that qualify through the Heats and B-Main will start the A-Main. The qualifiers through the heat will redraw for the front of the A-Main. The rear of the A-Main will be lined up based on the finish of the B-Main. This race will start 10 cars and run 40 laps.

Non Qualifiers Race: This race will be the top 10 drivers that did not qualify for the A-Main through the consolation races. The race will be 25 laps in length with extra points going to the top 3 finishers. The winner will get an extra 15 points on top of the 70 they receive for not qualifying. Second place gets an extra 10 and third gets an extra 5. NOTE: There will ONLY be a NQR if we have 20 drivers in attendance for that day.

***Prizes will be determined at a later date***

Dates and Start Times:
Week 1- April 17th (12 P.M.)
Week 2- April 24th (12 P.M.)
Week 3- May 8th (11 A.M.)
Week 4- May 15th (12 P.M.)
Week 5- May 22nd (12 P.M.)
Week 6- May 29th (12 P.M.)
Week 7- June 5th (12 P.M.)
Week 8- June 12th (11 A.M.)
Week 9- June 19th (12 P.M.)

Week 10- July 3rd (12 P.M.)